The Liberty Movement is the fastest-growing political evolution in the United States. It's as modern as this morning, but as old as human civilization. The goal of the Liberty Movement is to establish individual liberty as the most important principle guiding politics and economics in America and beyond. The resources here will explain:

What the Liberty Movement is
Its glorious history
Its powerful foes
How it is different
How you can get involved
How to advance liberty

Every day at, we fight for your liberty – your right to do what you wish with what you own.

Our opponents are the politicians, special interest groups, warmongers, bureaucrats, and busybodies of the world. In a word, the political class.

They are formidable, ruthless, well-funded (with your taxes) and well-organized, but we can defeat them if we think and act strategically and tactically.

Since the modern resurgence of the Liberty Movement around 1970, our main tool has been electoral politics. Over-reliance on politics was unwise and has failed.

The high water mark of the political wing of the Liberty Movement was the Ron Paul campaign. That such a great candidate could not win with all the volunteers and funding Mr. Paul generated shows that politics is a rigged battlefield. We need to focus our efforts elsewhere and away from electoral politics.

We need to focus on direct citizen action. Direct citizen action centers on what you can do today to move the world towards liberty.

The resources here will assist you in learning about and executing various strategies and tactics to increase liberty.

– Jim Ostrowski, author of Direct Citizen Action.


The purpose of LibertyMovement.Org is to bring new strategies and tactics to the Liberty Movement after its focus on political action, elections and lobbying, has been unsuccessful. Our philosophy is laid out in Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America (2014). We are funded, owned, and managed by James Ostrowski. We do not accept donations. However, to support our work, please buy James' books. Profits support our various programs and projects.

LibertyMovement.Org is self-funded and completely independent of political influences. There is no sugar daddy, no man behind the curtain, and no puppet master. What you see is what you get. We have no political ambitions, so this is not a vehicle for any possible political campaign. LibertyMovement.Org is a division of Cazenovia Books.

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